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How to plan for a bathroom remodel


Whether it be a tiny apartment or a multi-bedroom mansion, the bathroom is one of the most important aspects of any property. Therefore, homeowners may want to place a priority on repairing and renovating this room in order to get the most out of their house.

Upgrades can be simple - from a change of paint color - to more complex, with added windows, new showers and redesigned plumbing. However, regardless of the steps involved, homeowners should have a property inspection completed surrounding any improvement project. That way, they'll be confident that all steps were completed correctly.

Plan ahead for a successful bathroom remodel
A bathroom can be a tricky project to pull off successfully, which is why the help of professionals - like during a home inspection - can be so crucial. Due to the electrical and plumbing systems, a lot could go wrong if the right steps aren't taken in advance.

According to HomeAdvisor, planning ahead can help everything go smoothly. This starts before the contractors or materials ever show up. Homeowners should prepare an entryway for the workers, figure out where supplies are going to be dropped off and where trash and debris from the demolition stage need to end up. Then, before any real work gets done, all decorations and other objects must be removed. With these out of the way, the improvements can begin on schedule. 

Homeowners should also calculate just how much money they are willing to spend on a bathroom renovation. HomeAdvisor reported that the average cost of a remodel runs around $9,000, but the final tally could be much lower - or higher. For example, the average national cost to install flooring is about $3,000, while installing cabinets costs roughly $5,600. On the contrary, repairing cabinets might only be a $500 project. So, picking the necessary upgrades to focus on can be the difference between a big bill and a smaller one.

A home inspection professional can help identify problem areas in a bathroom and throughout the entire house. Residents should repair any damaged parts, and choose cost-effective upgrades that will both boost the property's value and provide added comfort to the space.

Put a modern twist on the bathroom
While many residents frequently update their houses by changing furniture and bringing in new appliances, sometimes the bathroom gets left behind. This can be especially true when considering the second, or guest, bathroom - which might need a lot more attention than anywhere else in a home. 

According to, if the plumbing and electrical systems are in good shape the entire project might only take one or two days. Homeowners can focus on modern fixtures, color choices and design elements while saving money in the process.

In order to get started, the news source explained that measuring the space should be the first step on the list. These important dimensions can help figure out the proper sizes for items like the toilet and vanity, and also help determine how much flooring material is needed. Then, the old toilet and sink can be taken out and room can be made for the new additions.

Before installing anything else, the next step should be painting, according to With everything out of the way, it will be easier to move around a bathroom and access hard-to-reach places. A coat of primer should be applied, then followed by a coat or two of the chosen color. After the layers dry well, the bathroom can be reassembled. 

A home inspection can be a crucial asset to homeowners during any improvement project. Previous residents could have made critical errors, and a licensed professional can provide useful insight into a house's more minute details.