Charlie Glahe WIN Broomfield

Quick home fixes to do yourself


When it comes to maintaining your home, sometimes you want to do it yourself.

Spring is the ideal time of year to roll up your sleeves, get tools out of storage and start improving your home. And to make a house a better place in a short amount of time, there are a number of solutions. Here are a few:

  • Windows and siding: You can easily inspect windows and siding on your own. Any areas that might need attention can be caulked for a cheap price. This will help keep critters out, not to mention ensure heating and cooling systems are not wasting energy.
  • Furnace: While you might tend to shy away from dealing with a home system such as the HVAC, a furnace's filters can easily be replaced. Doing so will likely prevent any major issues from arising down the road.
  • Smoke detectors: Every six months you will want to test each smoke detector in the house. Make sure to replace the batteries, too.
  • Woodwork: Whether it's an aging kitchen table or the cabinets in a bathroom, you can add life to a house by refinishing woodwork. At a low cost, improving the appeal of a room has never been easier.
  • Shower heads: Water might be trickling out of your shower head, and while many homeowners think that means they have to buy a new one, there's another solution. One of the easiest ways to improve water pressure and power is to give the shower head a thorough cleaning. Unscrew the shower head from the wall and soak it in vinegar overnight. Doing so will loosen mineral deposits and help it run like new.

For those looking to learn more about their property, a home inspection can be a great way to become a better owner. From learning about how systems run to spotting any potential issues that may be present, a home inspection is the way to go.