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When looking to increase curb appeal, check out these tips


Every homeowner should consider curb appeal. Some houses may be inviting, whereas others may be poorly maintained and not the prettiest. Prospective homebuyers notice and according to the real estate website, Trulia, some buyers may quickly decline to see a house if the outside is messy.

The outside of a house plays an important role in determining if your house will be warmly received on the market. It's important for homeowners, even if they aren't moving, to make an effort to increase their property's curb appeal. Such projects can range from the construction of an addition, to the adding of cosmetic items.

While the weather's still warm, it is the perfect time to add some life to the outside of a house. Homeowners looking to sell their property will find it especially beneficial.

American pride
One of the best decorations for every season is the American flag. Trulia staff writer Jason Van Steenwyk advised homeowners not to just go grab any old flag. Instead, purchase a new one so every color is bright and stands out while hinged to the flag pole.

The mailbox
There are many varieties of mailboxes. Some houses may have them latched onto the house near the doorway, while others have free-standing mailboxes on placed near the street. This is also one of the first objects homebuyers and pedestrians notice when passing by your property. Invest in a nice mailbox and be sure to keep it from overflowing from coupons and letters.

Garage door
Replacing a garage door to enhance curb appeal is only suitable if you live in a house with an attached garage that faces the street. Some homes in the city are built with the garage facing an alley, and no homebuyer is going to look at houses from the back.

Depending on your budget, a new garage door may seem like an expensive investment. According to Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value 2015 comparison, the average cost to replace a garage door is $1,595. The resale value is approximately $1,410, meaning you can recoup 88.4 percent of the initial cost.

You may not think much of the garage, but Steenwyk wrote that old, depressed doors can actually diminish the value of the home.

New front door
Replacing the front door is also a smart investment, despite the high cost early on. Looking at Cost vs. Value revealed homeowners spent an average of $1,230 on a steel front replacement. The resale value actually increased to $1,252, so you can potentially recoup 101.8 percent of the initial cost. 

After you install a new door, you can further enhance your home's curb appeal by choosing the right paint color. According to HGTV, there are a few color trends with regards to a door's color. In an interview with HGTV, interior designer Jennifer Ott and color expert Maria Killam both agreed that bright colors are a popular trend.

Even if you don't like the initial color choice, painting a front door is easy to accomplish.

Paint the outside
Speaking of paint, a fresh coat is the top choice to enhance curb appeal and value, according to Steenwyk. While homeowners can complete this project on their own, they may want to hire a professional painting service to get the best quality and get to those hard to reach places.

The average price for painting a home's exterior is roughly $1,271, according to Red Beacon.  Prices fluctuate depending on the features of the house. The size of the area that will be painted also influences the final cost, as painters often base their pricing off square footage.

Go green
No one wants to buy a house where the front yard sports dead grass and tall weeds. The front yard is perhaps the most important aspect of curb appeal. Lush, green lawns will show prospective buyers they are getting a top quality house. Property inspection companies will take notice of poorly kept lawns.

Investing in landscaping is more than cutting and watering the grass. Homeowners should plant flowers and small trees when possible. It's easier to keep a lawn in pristine condition during the warmer months, but good lawn maintenance is possible during the fall and winter. Homeowners just have to remember to rake the leaves and shovel the snow whenever needed.

Decorate when appropriate
There are plenty of holidays and events, and you can find decorations for just about all of them. Seasonal decorations are an especially effective way to enhance curb appeal, according to Steenwyk.

You can also get quite thrifty when decorating for specific holidays. Buy decorations out of season and store them for the following year. Likewise, you'll stand out if you put out decorations for lesser known holidays.

There's a lot to keep track of as a homeowner. Curb appeal is one of them, especially if you're thinking of selling. Prospective buyers do notice the outside of a house, as it's the first area they see. Excellent curb appeal can increase your home's value.