Charlie Glahe WIN Broomfield

When should you perform your own home repairs?


As a current or potential homeowner, it's a good idea of have a basic understanding of home maintenance.

Not only can knowing how to fix issues in your home save you money, but it can also save you time, as you won't be waiting for a professional to pencil you into a schedule. Even so, there are still some home repairs that you should leave to the experts. If not, you could sustain injuries or even cause further damage, which could later be revealed by a home inspection when you want to sell the property. Here is a list repairs that require professional help:

Electrical issues
Although you may know which breaker switch to flip when the power goes out in your kitchen, that doesn't make you a qualified electrician. For any electrical challenges that can't be resolved through a simple fix, contact an expert. Additionally, if your home needs major rewiring, they are aware of the most recent standards for such work, which is necessary if you're updating a system in an older home.

Roof repairs
The time you spend on your roof should be limited to cleaning your gutters or retrieving lost Frisbees and tennis balls. When it comes to patching holes or replacing the shingles, call in the professionals.

There are several risks associated with attempting your own roof repairs. The most obvious is that you could fall and injure yourself. This risk is higher if your roof has a steep slope or the repairs require many tools and trips up and down the ladder.

Another possible issue is that you could make the damage worse. If you're inexperienced in roof repair, you could make a mistake, ultimately leading to water damage. Current property warranties can be voided, and you may eventually have a costly mold problem on your hands. Save yourself the additional bills and let the experts take care of these repairs.

Plumbing repairs
When unclogging a drain, changing a faucet or plunging your toilet, you're likely more than qualified for the task. However, complex plumbing repairs should be taken care of by an expert.

If, for instance, you need copper pipe repairs for hot water lines, you'll need to use a blowtorch. You may think you can handle this on your own, but there are many safety risks that should only be undertaken by a professional. Additionally, even for some easy tasks, it can be easy to make simple mistakes that have huge costs. When installing a toilet, for example, you have to ensure the proper seals are in place to prevent leaks. Furthermore, pipes have to be tightened as much as possible when addressing other plumbing issues for the same reason.

Over time, a small leak becomes a big issue, as even the tiniest air gap is enough to let water slip through. With pipes that are not visible, you could create a haven for mold and have severe water damage on your hands. After the mold inspection, cleanup and final repair costs, you figure to spend more than if you had called a professional.

While it seems fun to smash a sledgehammer through one of your interior walls and create an open floor plan, you have to understand your home's structure before swinging away. If you were to hit a load-bearing wall, for example, your house could come crashing down on you. At least call in an expert to help you determine whether the project is safe and feasible for your home before destroying any walls, and leave any heavy duty demolition to someone with experience.