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Why get a home inspection?


Those buying a home will likely be faced with the decision to have the property inspected. And while this adds an additional step to the homebuying process, it is a worthwhile one. Getting a home inspected will provide a buyer with a full analysis of the property's condition. It will let them know exactly what they are getting into. 

As a home purchase is such a large commitment, it's critical not to take any shortcuts. An inspection can make all the difference for buyers, letting them know that there won't be surprises once they move in.

Ignorance isn't bliss
When it comes to homeownership, staying in the dark about the property is a bad way to go. Just because a homeowner isn't aware of potentially significant issues doesn't mean those problems will disappear. In fact, avoiding to fix something could lead to larger issues down the road, so it's important to have a home inspected before you buy to adequately prepare for what's to come. Not every home is perfect, and having all the facts is a surefire way to make an informed decision.

A home inspection will help buyers know more about the property than an open house. A home tour can be somewhat misleading, as it is a seller's attempt to show the property in the best light possible. Walls might have been recently repainted or minor repairs might have been made to increase the curb appeal of the home. However, these improvements were likely inexpensive for a seller and really don't impact the value of a home. But something like foundation damage - discovered during a home inspection - will have larger implications. 

Avoid buyer's remorse
One reason to have a home inspected is to avoid buyer's remorse. Whether it's complications with the home they didn't know about or any other expectations that weren't met, all buyers will want to avoid regret, and having the property inspected is one of the best ways to do that. 

It covers everything
A good home inspection is as thorough as it is necessary. An experienced home inspector will provide an adequate analysis of the property. Things that will be considered in a home inspection include the site, foundation, roofing, interior, plumbing, heating, exterior and air conditioning.

An inspector will first look into the structural components of the property, then move on from there, narrowing down the assessment to even minute details in a home. Before making a formal offer, it is critical a buyer has a home inspection. And while it likely won't be a deal breaker, an inspection could provide some wiggle room in the asking price of the property. However, at the very least, buyers are awarded peace of mind, knowing that a home has been seen by an inspector.

Reputable inspectors are out there
Not every home inspector is the same, so it's important to find those with experience. Buyers will want to find a trusted home inspection company with a great reputation in real estate that hires experienced inspectors. 

Someone who has a lot of time inspecting homes will be more knowledgeable. These individuals are educated when it comes to real estate, so buyers know they are getting the best information possible about a home. Even if it's a townhome or condominium, choosing the right inspector can make all the difference. When it comes to an investment like real estate, professional help is a wise decision.